Trump Announces He will Leave Business “In Total” to Focus on “Making America Great Again”; Details at Presser December 15 – 11/30/16

Trump has Already worked a Deal with Carrier to Keep 1,000 Jobs in Indy; Trump, Pence to Unveil Deal in Indy with Carrier on Thursday – Video 11/29/16

Mitt Romney Speaks to the Media after Dinner with President-elect Donald Trump – Video 11/29/16

Report: Trump to have Dinner with Mitt Romney Tonight as Secretary of State Speculation Grows – Video 11/29/16

Flashback: Mitch McConnell Speaks Movingly about the Left’s Attacks on His Wife, Elaine Chao, Just Selected as Trump’s Transportation Secretary – Video 3/15/13

President-elect Trump Picks Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary; Former Labor Secretary; Married to Mitch McConnell – Video 11/29/16

Trump Picks a Surgeon, GOP Rep. Tom Price, to Head Health & Human Services Dept. – Video 11/29/16

President-elect Donald Trump wants the American Flag to be Protected from Burning; Media’s Hair on Fire! – Video 11/29/16


Report: Jill Stein Misses November 21 Deadline for Pennsylvania Recount – 11/28/16

Ohio State Car/Slash Attacker Identified as Somali Islamic Refugee – Video 11/28/16


What are the Democrats Really Up to with their Recount Push? – 11/27/16

Donald Trump

Trump Slams Green Party, Clinton Campaign Recount Effort as “a Scam” and “Ridiculous” – 11/26/16


Why Trump Won! – Trump, Obama Statements on Castro Death Could Not be more Different – 11/26/16

Huckabee Destroys “Idiot” SF QB Colin Kaepernick for Praising Fidel Castro Days before His Death – Video 11/26/16

Cuban Americans Celebrate the Death of Communist Despot Fidel Castro – Videos 11/26/16

Cuban Communist Dictator Fidel Castro Dead; Trump Tweets, “Fidel Castro is Dead!” – Video 11/26/16

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