Final Electoral Vote Map & Projection: Hillary Clinton 273, Trump 265 – But Trump could be Just One State Away. . . . – 11/8/16


Our Final Projection for the 2016 Presidential Election is that Hillary Clinton will win a narrow victory in the Electoral College, 273-265. It is based on the latest polling data, which very well could turn out to be wrong this time around. With a populist-style candidate like Donald Trump, the possibility of a much larger than expected turnout is possible. I believe Trump will win North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, and Iowa, leaving him essentially one state short of victory. I very much hope I am wrong (about Hillary Clinton winning)! That additional state could be New Hampshire, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania or even New Mexico. All of these states have tightened dramatically in the last week.

If there is no hidden Trump vote, or massive populist turnout, Hillary Clinton could win in an Electoral College Landslide exceeding 300 Electoral Votes. The range of possibilities is incredible – which is fitting for one of the strangest Presidential Elections in our Nation’s History.

Feel free to share your own prediction on the Electoral Vote in the comments.

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