Experts: Evangelical, Conservative Christians Put Trump Over the Top; Voted 81% for Trump – 11/11/16

It is fitting that to the radical, anti-Christian Leftists, the group most deplorable of all is the group of Americans who put Donald Trump in the White House, according to several political experts – Evangelical and Conservative Christians! They made up “26 percent of the electorate,” and they voted 81% for Trump:



Donald Trump was elected president by satisfying the country’s appetite for change, and no voting bloc was hungrier than white, evangelical Christians who made his improbable victory possible, according to exit polling data and political experts.

Self-described evangelicals and conservative Christians comprised 26 percent of the electorate, setting a new record for participation. And 81 percent of them voted for Donald Trump compared to 16 percent for Hillary Clinton, according to experts and exit polling data.

“If he did not have their support, I don’t think he would have won,” said Tobin Grant, political science professor at Southern Illinois University and a Religion News Service columnist.

Hours after Trump’s historic upset, Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition, said even he was surprised by the “historic turnout of voters of faith, fueled by the largest turnout of evangelicals. This probably is not what most people would have predicted when rode the escalator down from Trump Tower on June 16, 2015.” . . . Read More

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