Tucker Carlson does Masterful Job Interviewing an Open Borders, Rutgers Student Protester – Video 11/16/16

Absolutely brilliant discussion by Tucker Carlson tonight with a Rutgers University Protester. Tucker asked the student probing but respectful questions about who he thinks has a right to come to the United States. His answer – everyone! When Carlson walked him carefully through the logical extension of that position, he had a hard time answering. Carlson asked him if people have a right to lock the doors of their homes? You could see the wheels turning in the guy’s head! He didn’t think that was a good analogy for a nation to have a right to say who can and cannot enter the country. Of course – it is a perfect analogy! America has a right to say who can and cannot enter our country. We are a sovereign nation, and no one outside our borders has a RIGHT to enter – and certainly not illegally.

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