President-elect Trump’s “Thank You” Victory Rally in Cincinnati, Ohio; Vows to Operate under Motto, “America First” – Complete Video 12/1/16

Here is complete video of President-elect Donald Trump’s opening stop on his “Thank You” Victory Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio last night. It was classic Trump on display, celebrating his election victory, but also giving a clear look at what he intends to do once he takes the oath of office on January 20, 2017.

Trump vowed to:

– Repeal and Replace ObamaCare

– Build a great wall on the U.S.Border with Mexico

– Stop Illegal Immigration once and for all

– Cut taxes on the Middle Class and for Corporations

– Roll back suffocating regulations on Businesses; Make the climate for Business activity good again in the United States.

– “Suspend” immigration from parts of the World where Terrorist Activity is high

– Stand up for Law Enforcement in the United States

– Operate under the motto “America First”

– Nominate Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis for Secretary of Defense

These were just some of the things Trump vowed to do as President. It was a great speech, filled with hope and optimism at what can now happen since the American People decided to take their country back!

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