Sore-Loser Clinton Campaign Operatives put on Pathetic Display by Shouting at Trump Operatives at Harvard Election Postmortem – Audio 12/1/16

Wow! What a bunch of sore losers the Clinton Campaign is!

Here is audio from a roundtable at Harvard University yesterday that had key operatives from both the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Donald Trump Campaign to discuss the 2016 Presidential Election.

Multiple Clinton Aides shouted at Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, basically saying Donald Trump won because they ran a racist campaign. In effect, they are saying that the millions upon millions of Americans who voted for Donald Trump did so because we are racists. It’s total baloney.

Donald Trump won the 2016 Election because he connected with Americans on an emotional, visceral level. He told Americans “we can be a great nation again.” We don’t have to accept decline. We can regain our sovereignty as a nation by establishing strong borders. We can be strong economically again. We can be proud of our Flag and proud to be Americans again! We don’t have to see ourselves as citizens of the World instead of American citizens. Whatever you think of Trump’s message – at least he had a message! It was clear, it was concise, it was understandable. Hillary Clinton had no message except, “More of the same” – “Barack Obama’s 3rd Term.”

The truth is that Hillary Clinton ran a low-brow, dirty, endlessly negative campaign against Donald Trump. They did nothing but demonize him, calling him racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, etc., etc. Well guess what – Americans didn’t buy the load of crap they were peddling. They are sore losers who dishonor themselves with the kind of display they put on, not only during the campaign, but after.

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