Live Video: Texas Electors to Put Donald J. Trump Over-the-Top to Officially Win the 2016 Presidential Election – Live Video 12/19/16 UPDATED: Trump Elected ! Gets 36 Electors in Texas – 304 Total!

UPDATE 5:29 PM ET: Texas has just put Donald J. Trump over-the-top to be officially elected President of the United States. There were 36 Texas Electors for Trump, 1 for Ron Paul, and 1 for John Kasich. That will give Trump 304 Electoral Votes!!!!!

Here is a live-stream of the Texas Electors meeting today. They are in the process of preparing to cast their 38 Electoral Votes. Donald Trump is at 268 at the moment – two shy of official victory. Texas is the only remaining Trump state to cast their Electoral Votes today. So they will put Donald Trump over the 270 threshold to officially win the 2016 Election and become the President-elect of the United States.

NOTE: As of 5:02 PM ET, the Texas Electors are still trying to decide who gets to be Chairman of their Electoral Vote! They have had a four-way runoff to decide who will Chair the actual vote for President and Vice-President, and none of the four got a majority. After conferring, only one of the four dropped out, so they have taken a 2nd ballot vote on the remaining three. . . .They will eventually vote for President and put Donald Trump over-the-top!

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