John Bolton: Is Obama Planning to Recognize a Palestinian State on His way out the Door? – Video 12/27/16

Here is Ambassador John Bolton discussing the latest on Barack Obama’s “sellout” of Israel at the United Nations.

Bolton said Obama is trying to “box in” Donald Trump, to control what he does going forward on Middle East Policy. He also said Obama “dislikes American Exceptionalism” and “Israeli Exceptionalism,” and he is trying to take Israel down a notch.

Bolton also said Obama may be planning to orchestrate a U.N. Resolution recognizing a Palestinian State just before he leaves office. France will hold a “Middle East Peace Conference” on January 15, just five days before Trump becomes President. If they come out with a declaration there recognizing a Palestinian State, they may take that to the U.N. Security Council and try to ram it through just before Obama leaves office. You know – Bolton just may be right. Obama, who clearly despises Israel, just may pull something like that on his way out the door. He is just that pathetic and devious.

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