Shooter Kills Five, Wounds Eight in Horrific Attack at Ft. Lauderdale Airport; Photo Emerges of Alleged Gunman Holding up Islamic/ISIS Finger Sign – Video 1/6/17

Here is Fox News reporting on the horrific mass shooting that took place today at the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida International Airport. Reports indicate 13 people were shot, with 5 killed.

The alleged shooter is in custoday, 26 year-old Esteban Santiago. He apparently checked a gun in his baggage using a military ID from Alaska and when the flight landed in Ft. Lauderdale, he got the gun from his bag in the baggage area, loaded it and opened fire. Santiago also reportedly went to an FBI Field Office in November in Anchorage and said his mind was being invaded by U.S. Intelligence Services forcing him to watch ISIS videos. A photo has emerged reportedly showing Santiago wearing what looks like a scarf associated with the Palestinians and holding up the one-finger Islamic/Jihadist/ISIS sign:

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