Tucker Carlson Mocks Actress Meryl Streep’s Attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards – Video 1/9/17

Here is Tucker Carlson on “Fox & Friends” today talking about his move to the 9 PM ET time slot replacing Megyn Kelly. His first show is tonight in Prime Time.

Carlson also talks about Donald Trump’s Cabinet Nominees facing Confirmation Hearings this week. Carlson said Jeff Sessions for Attorney General will be the focus of the Democrats’ attacks, purely because they know he is a strong Conservative. They will attack Sessions as a “racist” — which he is NOT. Carlson believes the nominees will be confirmed despite the efforts of the Left.

Carlson just destroyed actress Meryl Streep for her despicable attack on Donald Trump at the Golden Globe Awards last night, mocking her for trying to play the victim, and for labeling herself as an “outsider” – when she is as privileged and “insider” as they come.

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