Trump Puts Rude CNN Reporter in His Place; Refuses to give Him a Question and Says, “You are Fake News” – Video 1/11/17

THIS is how Donald Trump is like nothing the rotten liberal media has ever faced before – he won’t take anything off of them. Here he shuts down CNN’s Jim Acosta – who was rudely shouting repeatedly at Trump – flatly telling him he would not get a question because, “You are fake news.”

CNN hyped the existence of a totally unsubstantiated, salacious dossier designed to destroy Donald Trump. CNN hides behind the excuse, “We didn’t report any of the details.” But just one hour after CNN hyped the existence of the dossier, Buzzfeed released the entire thing. This is conjecture on my part, but I don’t believe for a second CNN didn’t know that some entity was going to publish the details. CNN got the ball rolling by hyping its existence and they knew that would open the door for someone to publish the detailed report. It’s how the Leftist Media operates.

Trump shows he won’t play their games and take their abuse lying down. He will fight back – effectively.

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