President Trump: New Immigration Order Likely Coming Monday or Tuesday; Warns Iran they “Better be Careful” – Video 2/10/17

Here is President Trump on Air Force One yesterday afternoon checking on the press corps traveling with him, and answering several of their questions.

Trump indicated he very well may issue a new Executive Order (or orders) on Monday or Tuesday to deal with “Extreme Vetting” and other aspects of Immigration Security. This in response to the blocking of his previous Immigration Order by activist Judges.

Trump also said Iran “better be careful” in response to their rhetoric that the U.S. will “regret” warning them.


The Left thinks they have “won” on the Immigration Order. But this shows Donald Trump views this as only a tiny blip on the way to accomplishing his goal. My guess is the opposition of the Left and their Activist Judges willing to do their bidding have only made him more determined to succeed in keeping terrorist threats out of our country. He will find a way, and if there are future attacks on our nation, he will remind Americans who tried to put America First — and who put Foreign Aliens first against what is best for the safety of the American people.

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