Pathetic CNN Whines Trump Ignored their Rudely Shouted Questions on Russia Yesterday – Video 2/15/17

This is why CNN has lost all credibility. They have essentially become a propaganda arm for the Left. They claim Trump “ignored” questions about Russia yesterday with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and at events that were not set up as a Press Conference. That’s not true. He ignored a question shouted at him by CNN’s Jim Acosta AFTER the Press Conference ended! He also didn’t respond to questions asked of him at non-press conference events. No one else was rude enough to try to ask questions at those events.

It was rude and inappropriate for Acosta to shout like that at an event with a visiting head of state. But, as usual, CNN is not interested in truth or reality. They just hate Donald Trump. They were humiliated and embarrassed when he won the 2016 Presidential Election because they had said he was dead in the water – no hope of winning. Having been proven totally wrong, despite their best efforts to sink Trump during the Presidential Campaign, they now have gone all-in on trying to destroy the Trump Presidency by any and all means. They are beyond pathetic.

The American people are onto them, though, and the more they lob shrill attacks Trump’s way, they less and less they are trusted and believed.

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