Fox News Drama Queen Shepard Smith Again Attacks Donald Trump in Wake of Epic Presser – Video 2/16/17

The Fox News drama queen – Shepard Smith – went on his 10,000th rant attacking President Donald Trump yesterday after Trump’s amazing Press Conference. Of course, as usual, Smith had his trusty daily stooge nearby, John Bussey, who helps him attack Trump on a daily basis.

True to form, Smith calls Trump “crazy” and regurgitates all the latest fake news attacks on Trump. It is long past time for Fox News to get rid of Shepard Smith. He is supposedly on the news side of their operation. Now, if he would admit, “I’m not a journalist – I’m a pundit”, like Sean Hannity openly admits, it would be fine for Smith to rail. I wouldn’t agree with him, but he would at least be honest he is a political hack of the Left, not someone reporting the news. But he won’t do that. Fox News needs to dump him unless they are ready to label him the Leftist pundit that he clearly is.

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