CNN’s Don Lemon goes Nuts when Trump Supporter Paris Dennard Calls Him out for “Fake News” – Video 2/17/17

This is classic!

CNN’s Don Lemon gets his panties in a wad because Trump Supporter Paris Dennard dares to call out Lemon for “fake news” in trying to tar and feather Trump for the cost of protecting him and his family. Lemon, of course, never had any problem with Barack Obama’s constant vacations – not just weekend events. The Left is already attacking Trump for the cost of his weekend trips, comparing those to Obama’s weekend trips. However, they are being very careful not to include the cost of the Obamas’ lavish vacations – sometimes two weeks long – to Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, France etc. Trump will likely not go on extended vacations like that, other than to his own resorts.

Bottom line – this is “fake news.” It is a non-story only designed to try and hurt Trump. Paris Dennard called Lemon out and Lemon couldn’t stand it. He abruptly ended the entire discussion in anger. You have to give credit to Paris. He did this knowing it would likely cost him financially. CNN very well may decide to limit or end his appearances on the Network in retaliation. But he called Lemon out anyway!

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