President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Melbourne, FL; Slams “Dishonest Media”; Brings Supporter Onstage Impromptu-style – Complete Video 2/18/17

Here is complete video of President Donald Trump’s amazing rally today in Melbourne, Florida.

First Lady Melania Trump began by reciting “The Lord’s Prayer,” before introducing her husband for his speech.

Trump made it clear early in his remarks that he will continue to take the fight to the Leftist media, calling them out for their “fake news” attacks against him. He updated people on the progress he’s made on keeping multiple campaign promises, and said it is only the beginning of what is to come.

This kind of rally is what Trump must continue to do from time to time. It gives him a chance to take his message directly to the people, over the heads of the media. Trump thrives in this setting, and he’s great with people. It was classic that he brought a supporter up on stage out of the crowd and allowed him to speak! No other President has done or would do something like that. Typical politicians would be terrified of what might happen. Trump is unafraid.

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