Crazed Leftist Nutcase Reveals their Absolute Hatred of Donald Trump in Interview with Tucker Carlson; Says Trump is “More Dangerous than Hitler” – Video 2/21/17

Take a look at the crazed face of the anti-Trump Left.

Tucker Carlson tried to have an intelligent conversation last night with a nutcase Leftist from “Refuse Fascism” – a group devoted to destroying Donald Trump’s Presidency.

This moron attacked Trump repeatedly, calling him “more dangerous than Hitler.” That’s all they have – insults, hysteria, intolerance. This is EXACTLY why Donald Trump won. It’s ironic they accuse Trump of being a “fascist” when they are the ones trying to overturn the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election.

The more these wackos talk, the more they help Donald Trump, because they reveal what the Democrats and the Left are all about.

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