Maria Bartiromo Destroys Leftist Democrat Rep who will Bring Muslim Immigrant as Guest at Trump Speech to Congress – Video 2/26/17

A perfect example of the pathetic leftists in the Democrat Party. Rhode Island Rep. Jim Langevin gets taken to the woodshed by Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo over the stunt he is planning for President Trump’s address to Congress Tuesday night (Feb. 28, 2017). He is bringing as his guest to the House Chamber a Muslim American doctor who came from Pakistan, supposedly being someone that President Trump is oppressing. But Bartiromo pointed out that Trump is trying to keep dangerous people out of the United States who are not Americans, and trying to get dangerous illegals out of the country. By protesting Trump with a legal immigrant, Langevin is actually insulting legal immigrants by appearing to lump them in with non-Americans who may pose a danger to America that Trump is trying to keep out of the country.

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