Smoking Gun: Former Obama Official Admitted to Mika Brzezinski the Obama Admin gathered Intelligence on Trump and His Team – Video 3/2/17

Sen. John McCain Calls North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un a “Crazy Fat Kid” – Video 3/29/17

Judge Andrew Napolitano Returns to Fox News; Stands by Report and Sources who Say Obama Spied on Trump using British Intel Group – Video 3/29/17

Krauthammer: House Republicans should Continue Working on ObamaCare Replacement that can Pass – Video 3/29/17

President Trump Signs Executive Order Ending Obama’s War on Coal and American Energy – Video 3/28/17

Democrat Maxine Waters to Trump Voters: “You’re Not Nearly as Patriotic as We Are” – Video 3/28/17

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Penalties against “Sanctuary” Cities that won’t Comply with Federal Immigration Law – Video 3/27/17

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: “The Days of Israel-bashing are Over” – Video 3/27/16

Hugh Hewitt: ObamaCare Repeal Loss “is on the Area-51 Sub-caucus of the Freedom Caucus” – Video 3/26/17

Insane: “Freedom Caucus” Demanded Trump drop Provision Protecting Americans with Pre-Existing Conditions; Trump Refused – Video 3/26/17

President Trump Speaks after House GOP Fails to Repeal ObamaCare; Says He will move on to Tax Cuts – Video 3/24/17

House Speaker Paul Ryan Addresses the Press after Pulling ObamaCare Repeal Bill thanks to GOP Defections – Video 3/24/17

President Trump Tells House Republicans He’s done Negotiating; Demands Vote Friday to Repeal & Replace ObamaCare – Video 3/23/17

Devin Nunes on if Sr. Obama Admin Officials’ Involvement in Trump Surveillance can be Ruled Out: “No, We Cannot” – Video 3/22/17

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes: “FBI Not Responding to Requests for Information on how Gen. Flynn was Picked Up” in Surveillance – Video 3/22/17

House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes Briefs Reporters outside White House on Bombshell that Trump WAS Surveilled while Obama was President – Video 3/22/17

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