President Trump Aboard the Carrier USS Gerald R. Ford Vows “a Great Rebuilding of the U.S. Military” – Video 3/2/17

Here is President Donald Trump speaking aboard the new Supercarrier USS Gerald R. Ford where he praised American Sailors and declared he would undertake “a great rebuilding of the United States Military.” The second video gives a lot of details about the new carrier, the first in the new class of Ford Supercarriers.


Donald Trump stood aboard America’s newest nuclear-powered aircraft carrier on Thursday and declared that it’s only a down payment on a future ‘great rebuilding of the United States military.’

Calling his plan ‘a major expansion’ of U.S. military might, he said it includes ‘having the 12-carrier Navy we need.’

America’s fleet of aircraft carriers is presently two short of that number, comprised of older ‘Nimitz-class’ vessels. Adding just one more after the Ford would get Trump to an even dozen.

The president praised the builders of the USS Gerald R. Ford and promised that ‘we’re going to soon have more coming.’

‘We’re going to have the finest equipment in the world. Planes, ships and everything else,’ he pledged. He said a renewed emphasis on building up the U.S. military ‘to prevent war, and if necessary to fight war.’ And in a campaign-style flourish, he said he meant to do ‘only one thing’ if the U.S. has to fight. ‘You know what that is?’ he asked. ‘Win!’ came a shouted reply that echoed to the water. . . . Read More

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