Trump Launches Charm Offensive to Win Over Members of Congress – 3/9/17


This seems to be a surprise to some, but it is not to anyone who watched Donald Trump during the 2016 Election without being totally opposed to him. Trump is great with people – that’s why he won the Presidency! He’s going to do well building relationships with members of Congress as well.


Less than two months on the job, President Donald Trump is showing that when it comes to wooing members of Congress, he’s no Barack Obama.

Where Obama was usually reserved and met sparingly with lawmakers, Trump has launched a full-out charm offensive, much of it aimed at bolstering the beleaguered Republican Obamacare plan.

Trump “was talking about how we all got to work together,” said Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who was part of a group of House Republican vote-counters who met Trump Tuesday in the White House. “He even said at one point, ‘Maybe we should meet once a week. Maybe we should meet every four days!’” . . . .

. . . .Trump’s early outreach on a wide range of issues has included Republican leaders, conservatives who opposed him in the election and leading Democrats. On Wednesday evening, he dined with Texas Senator Ted Cruz — and his wife — a far cry from when the pair traded bitter personal attacks as rivals during the presidential primary. . . . “He’s great like that. He’s interacting with members. He’s funny,” said Cole, who had himself been greeted by Trump in a personal fashion earlier.

“I walked in, and he said, ‘You, you’re great on television. Isn’t this guy great on television? He’s got a face made for television!’” he recounted. And throughout the meeting, aimed at discussing how the president could help congressional Republicans get their health bill to his desk, Cole said of Trump, “He was on top of it. He was energetic.” . . . Read More

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