CBO Estimates GOP ObamaCare Replacement Plan will Reduce Deficit by $337B and Reduce Cost of Premiums – Video 3/13/17

HHS Sec. Tom Price disagrees with CBO’s estimate on the number who will be uninsured as a result of the plan:

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has evaluated the GOP Replacement bill for ObamaCare and it actually presents findings that just might help the bill pass in the House. Why? Because it finds the plan will reduce the deficit by $337 Billion over 10 years and will reduce the cost of premiums while stabilizing the market.

The number being talked about almost exclusively by the liberal media is that 24 million more people will be uninsured in 2026 as a result of the plan. What the liberals won’t tell you is that most of that is simply a result of people choosing not to buy health insurance since the ObamaCare mandate goes away!

That doesn’t mean CBO will be accurate. They were wildly off on their ObamaCare projections. My guess is that these numbers will actually help get more Republicans on board in the House since even CBO says the plan will reduce the deficit over time and reduce the cost of premiums.

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