Liberals Push Newly Released Michael Brown Video Claiming He was only doing a Marijuana Deal, not Robbing a Convenience Store! – Videos 3/13/17

Here is St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCullough commenting on newly released, “edited” video of Michael Brown on the day he attacked a Ferguson Police Officer and was shot dead. This video is from earlier in the day, and some claim it shows Brown did not later rob a convenience store, but was only getting items due him as a result of an alleged marijuana drug deal! The store says there was no deal. Security video later showed Brown taking some cigarillos from the store and pushing his way past a clerk shortly before getting into a confrontation with Officer Darren Wilson that ended with Brown being shot dead as the officer defended himself.

How pathetic can you get?! Leftists seem to be arguing Brown was only dealing drugs instead of robbing a convenience store – as if that is better!


A video purporting to show Michael Brown hours before he was shot to death by police in Ferguson, Missouri has sparked a new wave of anger ─ but no more clarity ─ about a 2014 killing that prompted a national debate on race and policing.

A crowd of protesters gathered outside Ferguson Market & Liquor Sunday night, calling for a boycott of the store where the footage was apparently shot. Videos of the protest shared on social media show police taking two people into custody. But Ferguson and St. Louis County police did not return messages seeking details.

The previously unreleased video, included in a new documentary on Brown’s death, appears to be shot by a surveillance camera inside Ferguson Market & Liquor early on Aug. 9, 2014, several hours before the fatal confrontation. Jason Pollock, who made the documentary, “Stranger Fruit,” which debuted at South by Southwest on Saturday, has said it shows Brown trading marijuana for a box of cigarillos. . . . Read More

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