Oh My! Mark Dice Narrates Rachel Maddow’s Epic Trump Tax Return Fail – Video 3/14/17

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow made a total fool of herself last night hyping that “We have Trump’s tax returns,” only to buildup to releasing the 1040 Form (2 pages) of his 2005 Return! Liberals were deliriously happy when she tweeted she had Trump’s returns, thinking she really had the goods on him.

But what this one year showed is that Donald Trump made $150 Million and paid nearly 25% in taxes – $38 Million. That’s a higher tax rate than Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or Bernie Sanders!

The Left was incredibly disappointed, hammering Maddow for actually helping Donald Trump! In this pathetic attempt to hurt him, she actually dispelled two myths of the left:

1. That Trump really doesn’t make that much money.

2. That he pays no income taxes – remember Hillary Clinton accused him of that during a debate.

This shows just how deranged the Left is about Trump. Without even taking into account what the Return showed, Maddow was breathlessly ready to run with the two pages from 2005 as soon as she could get her hands on them. She made a total fool of herself and she helped Donald Trump! Thank you, Rachel!

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