John Kasich Illustrates the Republican Mess Trump has to Deal with; Wants Trump to Compromise with Dems on ObamaCare – Video 3/17/17

Here’s what Donald Trump has to put up with – John Kasich.

Kasich says he hopes the ObamaCare replacement fails in the Senate. He is spouting nonsense that you have to get Democrats on board. That’s a fairy tale. It’s not going to happen. Democrats want to keep ObamaCare. Period. They hate Trump. They will not work with him on anything related to Health Care.

So, on one side Trump has to deal with the Freedom Caucus Republicans who want to repeal with no immediate replacement, and on the other side he has to deal with people like Kasich who want Trump to compromise with Democrats. Trump won Ohio without Kasich, and I suspect he will get Repeal and Replace passed without him too.

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