Trump Tells Merkel, who was Wiretapped by Obama Admin – “At lease we have something in common, perhaps” – Video 3/17/17


The media is literally losing its collective mind as Donald Trump will not back down from his statement that the Obama Administration was very likely conducting “wiretapping” and other kinds of surveillance on him and his campaign. So, yesterday, during the Press Conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Trump was asked about it and he said wryly – “At least we have something in common, perhaps.” He was referring to the fact that the Obama Administration did listen in to phone conversations of Merkel! With one statement, Trump devastates the media narrative that it is outrageous to even consider the possibility that Obama would do such a thing. Obama has a track record of doing such things!

The media is obsessed with bringing down Trump. They hate his guts – literally. Obama was their Messiah. They loved him and now they are doing anything and everything to try and protect him. When Obama flat-out lied about Benghazi, blaming it on a video, did you see the media digging to prove that statement wrong? Of course not. It will be like this the entire Trump Presidency. But in Trump, the Leftist Media has met a person who will not back down in the face of their attacks. That makes them hate him even more.

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