President Trump Holds Huge Rally in Louisville, KY; CNN, MSNBC Censor Trump’s Speech – Refuse to Televise – Complete Video 3/20/17

Here is complete video of President Donald Trump tonight in Louisville, Kentucky where he held at huge rally at Freedom Hall. A crowd of 15,000+ was in attendance, and Trump pledged to press on with Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare this Thursday. Trump said this bill must pass the House and move on to the U.S. Senate.

Notably, both CNN and MSNBC are now resorting to censorship of the President. They refused to carry his speech, instead continuing to push their non-stop attacks on Trump. Fox News and Fox Business carried the speech. The Leftist Media is trying to destroy Trump – it’s plain and simple. NEVER would CNN and MSNBC have refused to carry a speech made by Barack Obama. Never. The clear bias is something we already knew, but it is still shocking in how brazen it is. All the while, these pathetic propagandists for the Left will call themselves “journalists.”

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