President Trump Reads “The Snake” at PA Rally to Illustrate the Threat of Open Borders and Radical Islamic Terrorism – Video 4/29/17

President Donald Trump Rallies Pennsylvania Voters on the 100th Day of His Presidency – Complete Video 4/29/17


White House Correspondents’ Dinner to Feature Muslim Comic while Trump Rallies with Pennsylvania Voters – 4/29/17

President Trump on Ted Cruz: “I Really Liked (Him), Didn’t Like, and Now Like a Lot Again” – Video 4/28/17

Why does Donald Trump Call Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas”? She Claimed to be Native-American for 1/32nd Cherokee Heritage! – Video 4/28/17

President Trump Speaks to the NRA Meeting; Zings “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren! – Complete Video 4/28/17

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Addresses the U.N. Security Council on the Threat of North Korea – Video 4/28/17

President Trump: There’s a Chance the U.S. Ends up with “A Major, Major Conflict with North Korea” – Video 4/27/17

Sean Spicer Answers Nonsense Badgering Questions on Michael Flynn from CNN’s Jim Acosta, CBS News’ Major Garrett – Video 4/27/17

Liberal Chris Matthews on Trump Tax Reform Plan: “Cutting Taxes is a Hard Move to Fight” – Video 4/26/17

GOP Rep. Mark Meadows Explains why Freedom Caucus Ready to Support Trump Plan to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare; Vote could come on Friday – Video 4/26/17

Trump’s Massive Tax Cut Plan Unveiled; Sweeping in Scope; DOUBLES Standard Deduction for Married Couples; Reduces Brackets to Three; Keeps Mortgage Interest, Charitable Deductions – Complete Video 4/26/17

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Attacks Trump for Bringing Senate to White House for North Korea Briefing; Sen. Cory Gardner Calls Question “Stupid” – Video 4/25/17

Sean Spicer Handles Another Major Garrett Interruption: “You want to come on up?” – Video 4/25/17

President Trump Again Affirms that the Border Wall will be Built – “100%!” – Video 4/25/17

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross in Total Control as He Briefs White House Press Corps on New Tariff Imposed on Canadian Soft Lumber – Video 4/25/17

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