Sean Spicer Repeatedly Apologizes for using Hitler Analogy in Talking about Syria’s use of Chemical Weapons – Video 4/12/17

My goodness – this is ridiculous.

Sean Spicer just absolutely apologizes over and over again for his statement yesterday that even Adolf Hitler did not use poison gas. What Spicer clearly meant if you were listening to the Press Briefing was “as a battlefield weapon.” His mistake was two-fold: (1) He didn’t actually say the words “as a battlefield weapon.” (2) You NEVER make comparisons to Adolf Hitler or the Holocaust. It will ALWAYS blow up in your face – if you are a Republican.

But the way this has been blow out of proportion by the enemies of Donald Trump on the Left is truly ridiculous. Spicer meant no smear against anyone. But this is what the Liberal Media does – to Republicans. If this was a Democrat, it would never even be a blip on the screen. That’s the truth.

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