Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe Crew Praise Trump, Tillerson Foreign Policy Moves – Video 4/13/17

Here is Joe Scarborough and the “Morning Joe” crew today praising Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson for their handling of Russia, Syria, NATO, China and North Korea yesterday! They kept talking like Trump engaged in “seismic shifts” in his positions, but in reality, Donald Trump is still in only his third month as President. His Foreign Policy is still taking shape.

The Leftist media has relentlessly attacked Trump without even giving him a chance to get his feet on the ground and get started with his Presidency. Donald Trump has always said he will be pragmatic and flexible in his decision-making as President. Trump is not a hard and fast ideologue. He will do what needs to be done using any means necessary to achieve the objective. This is different from a typical politician who brings a pre-determined ideological framework to the office and then tries to force that framework without regard to conditions on the ground. It is refreshing to see. The element of surprise and unpredictability actually gives Trump leverage in dealing with other nations and world leaders. It doesn’t hurt for people to be a little afraid of you and what you might do!

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