Georgia CD06 Special Election: Democrat Jon Ossoff Fails to Win Seat Outright Despite Divided GOP Field and Massive Outside Spending – Video 4/19/17

Democrat Jon Ossoff failed to win outright the Georgia CD-06 Special Election last night. Ossoff fell short of the 50% +1 needed to win the House Seat vacated by new HHS Secretary Tom Price.


Ossoff’s failure is a big blow to Democrats, who poured more than $8 million into this House race, and benefited from a splintered GOP field of 11 candidates. They sent Hollywood stars in to campaign for Ossoff, but still could not win the seat outright.

Ossoff will now face the top vote-getting Republican, Karen Handel, in a June 20 runoff for the seat.

All day yesterday, and into the night, the liberal media was just sure Ossoff would win. They hyped the election as a referendum on Trump. When the early returns showed Ossoff over 70%, they went wild. But, alas, he failed in the end!

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