Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Announces Full Review of Disastrous Obama Iran Policy; Says Iran has Potential to Follow Path of North Korea – Video 4/19/17

Here is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announcing the Trump Administration is now undertaking a comprehensive review of the disastrous Obama deal with Iran. Tillerson set forth the danger Iran poses to the United States and the world.

It’s clear this statement by Tillerson sets the stage for the U.S. to say we will not recognize the pathetic deal Obama cut with Iran. My guess is that will be the outcome of the complete review they are doing now. The deal was never ratified by Congress. It was cut by Obama and never should have been done. The review may also show Iran has not abided by the deal. But the problem is the deal itself! Iran may be abiding by the deal, but the deal is SO BAD, they can abide by it and still pose a major threat to the United States.

The idiot Trump-haters who have said the last day or two that Trump is soft on Iran are going to once again be proven wrong. Listen to Tillerson’s words. They are setting the stage to get tough on Iran.

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