Sean Spicer Answers Nonsense Badgering Questions on Michael Flynn from CNN’s Jim Acosta, CBS News’ Major Garrett – Video 4/27/17

The liberal media is pathetic. Here they are, once again, going to seed on the whole “Michael Flynn” nonsense. They have North Korea, Repeal of ObamaCare, the most dramatic Tax Reform in a generation and a whole host of other subjects to ask questions about – and they keep asking about Michael Flynn. CNN’s Jim Acosta, Major Garrett of CBS News, and Jon Karl of ABC News are so biased against Donald Trump it is beyond disgusting. Whatever Flynn did prior to coming into the Trump Administration has NOTHING to do with Donald Trump! But these propagandists who pose as “journalists” just want to keep the story in the news because they are desperate to ONLY talk about subjects that could damage Trump. That’s it. They care about nothing else.

They are not fooling many people though. What they are doing is obvious.

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