Andrew McCarthy: The Media doesn’t Even Realize their Jared Kushner Attack has Blown Up their Six-Month Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theory! – Video 5/30/17

“Morning Joe” won’t even Talk about Fellow Leftist Kathy Griffin’s Posing with a Mock Severed Head of Donald Trump – Video 5/31/17


Reports: President Trump Will Withdraw the United States from Obama’s Radical Paris “Climate Change” Agreement – 5/31/17

Vile CNN Leftist Kathy Griffin Poses with a Mock Severed Head of Donald Trump; Later Apologizes – Video 5/30/17

Former Acting CIA Dir Mike Morrell: Trump Succeeded in Convincing Saudis “He has their Back against Iran”; Huge Success for U.S. National Security – Video 5/28/17

Heartache: James Clapper Once Again Says, “I Saw No Direct Evidence of Political Collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians” – Video 5/30/17

Must Watch! John Sununu Confronts CNN Anchor on their Trump-Russia Delusion: “How much Crow are You Going to Eat?” – Video 5/30/17

Classic James Mattis Response to “What Keeps You Awake at Night?”: “Nothing. I Keep Other People Awake at Night.” – Video 5/28/17

President Trump, VP Pence Encourage and Console Families of Fallen Soldiers at Arlington Cemetery – Video 5/29/17

President Trump Delivers Outstanding Speech Honoring America’s Fallen Heroes on Memorial Day at Arlington – Complete Video 5/29/17

Memorial Day Tribute to America’s Heroes: “Until Then. . . . ” – Music Video

Memorial Day Tribute – “You are the Ones” – Music Video – 5/29/17

Defense Secretary James Mattis on ISIS: “We are going to take Apart the Caliphate”; Moved to “Annihilation Tactics” – Video 5/28/17

Kimberley Strassel on MTP Reminds Liberals that Obama sent Rep to Iran in 2008 to Create Back-Channel Communications; Destroys Latest Narrative against Jared Kushner – Video 5/28/17

Law Professor Alan Dershowitz Continues to Shoot Down Media’s Trump Derangement Syndrome: “Does that Sound like a Crime to You?” – Video 5/26/17

Double Suicide Bombing in Jakarta, Indonesia Linked to ISIS; Three Police Officers Killed – Video 5/26/17

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