Chris Matthews Admits on MTP Donald Trump has “the Media Killing Him Every Day”; The NYT does Long-Form Stories “Against Him” Daily – Video 4/30/17

You have to give Chris Matthews credit – sometimes he really shocks us by telling the truth!

Here he is on “Meet the Press” yesterday where he caused his fellow-liberals on the panel to get ashen-faced by admitting the truth that the media is out to get Donald Trump and have been since before he began his Presidency. Matthews said Trump has “the Media killing him every day” and the “New York Times does ‘Enterprise Pieces’ (long-form stories based on developed sources rather than news reports or press releases), four or five a day against him.”

In other words – Matthews admits the media is out to get Trump. Period. Yet, Trump is doing remarkably well consider he has that “head-wind” against him.

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