New York Times Says James Comey Wrote a Memo Claiming President Trump Urged Him to Drop Michael Flynn Investigation; White House Denies – Video 5/16/17

The New York Times has dropped yet another bomb on the Donald Trump Presidency – this time saying President Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to move on from their investigation regarding former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Comey reportedly wrote a “memo” – detailed notes – about the meeting that took place at the White House on February 14.

Trump denies having asked Comey to end the investigation. The language in the memo, which the New York Times has not seen, is that Trump told Comey that Flynn is “a good guy,” and “I hope you can let this go.”

The media is breathless about this report, already saying it proves “Obstruction of Justice” and will lead to the impeachment of Donald Trump. My initial take on this is that even if it is accurate that Trump said this to Comey it does not constitute “obstruction.” You could take those words to mean – “Flynn has served his country in the military and I hope you don’t find anything – I hope nothing comes of this.” If Comey believed it to be obstruction, why didn’t he reveal this BEFORE he was fired instead of after Trump fired him?

The other thing is that James Comey knew it was possible Trump would fire him. How can anyone prove whether or not Comey told the truth in the memo? It is possible he deliberately wrote the memo so he could use it against Trump if he got fired.

As for impeachment, that’s a different issue. I have no confidence in House and Senate Republicans to stand strong for Trump, even if the evidence against him is weak. Most of them despise Trump and never wanted him to be elected in the first place. Could I imagine enough of them caving in the House to get to the number needed to impeach Trump? Yes. It would only take a simple majority in the House to impeach Trump. It would take 67 Senators to actually remove him from office. We’re a long way from that, but in the current atmosphere, it is not impossible to imagine it ending up in that place.

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