President Donald Trump Announces, “The United States will Withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord”; Trump Chooses to put America First! – Complete Video 6/1/17

President Donald Trump stepped into the White House Rose Garden this afternoon and did exactly what he promised to do during the 2016 Presidential Election. Trump announced he is withdrawing the United States from the disastrous Paris Climate Change Accord.

Trump clearly made the case that the deal signed by President Obama is a bad deal for America. It puts American workers and American businesses at a disadvantage. The pathetic deal puts all the burden on the United States and virtually nothing on the rest of the world. China would not have to make any sacrifice until at least the year 2030, while the United States would harm our own industries here at home. The deal would also require us to pay other nations billions of dollars! No thanks. Donald Trump chose today to put American first.

Trump is being savaged by the Leftists for this courageous action. They are predicting the end of the world (literally!). But Donald Trump sees through the Climate Change scam and is refusing to destroy America’s Economy in pursuit of the nonsense pushed by the Climate Change Alarmists.

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