Sekulow: Comey Statement Released Ahead of Senate Testimony is “Total and Complete Vindication” of President Trump – Video 6/7/17

Here is Attorney Jay Sekulow on “Hannity” tonight where he characterized the Opening Statement of former FBI Director James Comey that was released today ahead of tomorrow’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing as, “Total and complete vindication of the President of the United States.”

You can read Comey’s Opening Statement here:

Comey never accuses Trump of trying to obstruct justice. He even says explicitly that Trump did not ask him to shut down the Russia Investigation. Trump did tell Comey “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go – letting Mike Flynn go.” But “hope” in no way constitutes obstructing justice. If Comey’s testimony is what is found in this statement, the Democrats and the Trump-hating media’s case against Trump just fell apart.

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