New Undercover O’Keefe Video: CNN “New Day” Producer Attacks Trump and Says Kellyanne Conway “Looks like She got Hit with a Shovel” – Video 6/30/17

Here’s another new expose video from James O’Keefe on CNN – “American Pravda.” This time he shows an Associate Producer for CNN’s morning program, “New Day,” calling President Trump “Fu*king Crazy,” and attacking Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway, saying “she looks like she got hit with a shovel.”

I wonder if the media will be outraged at that kind of attack on Kellyanne? CNN spent all day yesterday attacking Trump for simply revealing Mika Brezinski had a facelift and was so desperate to attend his New Year’s Eve Party she wanted to come even though she was still “bleeding” from it. Something tells me there will be no outrage at this direct attack on Kellyanne’s appearance.

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