President Trump Removes Anthony Scaramucci as Communications Dir at Request of Gen. John Kelly – 7/31/17

Gen. John Kelly attends first Cabinet Meeting as White House Chief of Staff – Video 7/31/17

Gen. John Kelly Sworn-in as New White House Chief of Staff – Video 7/31/17

Nancy Pelosi: “So Un-important” whether Democrats Win back the House in 2018 – Video 7/30/17


President Trump Will Sign Bill Imposing New Sanctions on Russia – 7/28/17

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer Scolds Gloria Borger over using Sources who got Priebus Resignation Wrong – Video 7/28/17

Gen. Jack Keane Shoots Down Idea White House Chief of Staff Needs to Control all Access to the President; Praises Gen. John Kelly – Video 7/29/17

Reince Priebus to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “I’m Always going to be a Trump Fan” – Video 7/28/17

President Trump Replaces Reince Priebus with Gen. John Kelly as White House Chief of Staff – Video 7/28/17

Reports: North Korea Launches Yet Another Missile Test – 7/28/17

Sen. Ted Cruz Slams “Betrayal” of GOP Senators who did Not Vote to Repeal ObamaCare – Video 7/28/17

A Shaken Mitch McConnell after McCain Vote to Save ObamaCare: “Most of us” Kept our Word – Video 7/28/17

Sen. John McCain Saves ObamaCare; Stabs GOP Colleagues in the Back in Epic Fashion; Repeal Dead – Video 7/27/17

Great Again! Trump, Walker, Ryan announce $10B Foxconn Investment in Wisconsin; Will Create up to 13,000 Jobs – Video 7/26/17

Democrat Trump Supporter “Gino” Brings Down the House at Youngstown, Ohio Trump Rally – Video 7/25/17

President Donald Trump Holds Raucous Rally in Youngstown, Ohio – Complete Video 7/25/17

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