Good Grief: CNN Tracks Down Identity of Trump Wrestling Video Maker; Threatens to Reveal Identity if he does Anything they don’t Like – Video Report 7/5/17

When you think CNN can’t sink any lower – they decide to essentially blackmail the creator of the humorous video showing Donald Trump doing a takedown of a man with the CNN logo superimposed over his face. Trump tweeted it out over the weekend, setting the world on fire! CNN was obviously so angry about it they actually “tracked down” (their words) the creator of the joke and basically forced him to apologize on a Reddit forum for daring to be funny. They further actually said they would not reveal his identity UNLESS he decides to commit high crimes and misdemeanors again by acting “ugly” on the internet! Good grief. CNN is beyond pathetic. They have ceased entirely to be a News Organization. They are a propaganda arm of the Left, and they aim to punish anyone who dares to mock what they have become. It is blowing up in their face in a major way! Mark Dice takes you through the entire ridiculous story in the video above.

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