Sarah Huckabee Hits Media for Ignoring DNC Collusion with Ukraine vs. Trump; “Nothing Inappropriate” about Don Jr. Meeting with Russian Lawyer – Audio 7/10/17

Here is Sarah Huckabee Sanders today telling the media there “nothing inappropriate” about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with what turned out to be a Russian lawyer in June 2016. The media is hyper-ventilating because Don Jr. had a 20 minute meeting with a woman who had claimed to have information against Hillary Clinton. The meeting was set up via an acquaintance and Don Jr. said he did not even know who the person was. It turned out to be a Russian lawyer and she didn’t have any information. It became clear she was there to lobby Trump on Russian adoption restrictions. Trump says he ended the meeting when it became clear she had no information.

The Leftist media thinks this constitutes a smoking gun of “collusion.” Sarah Huckabee Sanders today hammered the media for going nuts over this nothing-burger and not caring at all that the Democrats actually colluded with the Ukrainian Government to try and dig up dirt on Donald Trump.

The media’s War on Trump continues.

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