Media Bias Alert: New ABC News/WAPO Poll on Trump Approval only Samples 23% Republicans! – 7/16/17

mediabias101Via the great Right Pundit. The Leftist media is up to their old tricks. They continue to do what they have done for years – deliberately undersample Republicans in a poll to make Donald Trump look bad.

ABC News/Washington Post say Trump has a 36% approval rating. To get that number, however, they used a 35% Democrat, 23% Republican, 35% “Independent” sample (see page 5 of the poll link). That’s right – just 23% Republican! Who knows how many of the “Independents” are actually Independent. To make it worse, they sampled “Adults” rather than “Registered Voters” or “Likely Voters.” That always makes for worse numbers for a Republican. In other words, they did everything possible to come up with as bad a number for Donald Trump as they possible could! When you see the reality of the sample, Trump getting 36% is not so bad. It would indicate his support is actually in the mid to upper 40’s.

FLASHBACK: The final ABC News/WAPO Tracking Poll before the 2016 Election had Trump losing to Hillary by four points.

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