Trump Turns up the Heat on MO Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill to Support Tax Cuts – Video 8/30/17

Nancy Pelosi: ““The Constitution does not say that a Person can Yell ‘Wolf’ in a Crowded Theater” – Video 8/24/17

Texas Governor Knocks Down CNN’s Fake News Attack on President Trump’s Visit to Hurricane-Ravaged Region – Video 8/30/17

President Trump Kicks-off Tax Cut Push with Speech in Springfield, MO; Pledges All Help Necessary to Rebuild from Hurricane Harvey – Video 8/30/17

VP Mike Pence Tells Rush Limbaugh: “We will see Houston and Southeast Texas All the Way Through this (Hurricane Harvey) Crisis” – Audio 8/28/17

Massive Flooding Hitting Texas in the Wake of Hurricane Harvey – Video Report 8/28/17

Forecaster Says Houston likely to get another 25 Inches of Rain – Video Report 8/28/17

Finally, Ana Navarro Called out on CNN for No Longer being a Republican! – Video 8/27/17

Rex Tillerson: The Trump Administration is Clearly Advocating for American Values – Video 8/27/17

President Donald Trump Pardons “America’s Sheriff” Joe Arpaio; CBS News’ Major Garrett Loses His Mind – Video Report 8/25/17

Live Video Coverage of Hurricane Harvey – Live Streams 8/25/17

Monster Storm Hurricane Harvey Approaches Texas Coast; Catastrophic Rainfall Expected – Video Report 8/25/17

President Trump Hammers Leftist Media at Epic Phoenix Rally; Hints at Pardon for Sheriff Joe – Complete Video 8/22/17

Preview of Huge Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ Tonight – Video 8/22/17

President Trump: “No more ‘Nation-Building'” in Afghanistan – Video 8/21/17

President Trump Outlines Strategy for Victory in Afghanistan; Won’t Tell Enemy what is Coming – Complete Video 8/21/17

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