LawNewz: Trump will Fire Robert Mueller within 81 Days – 8/3/17


The folks over at LawNewz are definitely not pro-Trump. But I do believe they have made a prediction that will come true. President Trump will fire Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller:


Nineteen days ago we predicted that President Donald Trump would fire special counsel Robert Mueller within 100 days. Now, we remain so convinced that we have even added a countdown clock to the homepage to track our prediction (81 days left). Why? Well, today news spread that Special Counsel Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in Washington to investigate possible ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government. The Grand Jury has the power to compel documents, and force witnesses to testify. It’s a very serious step and one that will undoubtedly infuriate Trump. . . . Read More

LawNewz does not think Mueller’s close friendship with James Comey is a “conflict of interest.” I certainly do. There’s no way he can be seen as impartial when he is close to the man Trump just fired as FBI Director. Mueller’s hiring of one Clinton, Obama, Holder lawyer after another shows he has no desire to give even the appearance of fairness.

It will be a total firestorm, and you could argue it is a bad choice politically. But I do think Trump will fire Mueller. He is already frustrated and furious at the desire to destroy him. His family is now pulled into it. I think it will come to pass, for good or ill.

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