Pathetic Joe Scarborough Keeps Using Kellyanne Conway as a Punching Bag: “She’s so Stupid it makes My Teeth Hurt” – Video 8/7/17

Pathetic “Mid-life Crisis” Joe Scarborough continues to use Kellyanne Conway as a punching bag.

Today he called her “so stupid it makes my teeth hurt.” He’s an idiot. Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to be the Campaign Manager of a winning Presidential Campaign! She is not stupid. Leftist Joe Scarborough seems to think he can demean her and call her any name he wants to and that is not “misogynistic.” Yet he constantly attacks Donald Trump for his treatment of women.

Joe had better look in the mirror. What he has become is a Leftist useful idiot who ought to be ashamed of himself.

NOTE: Scarborough did catch himself after he called her “so stupid it makes my teeth hurt” and qualify it with “not her – but what comes out of her mouth.” But he attacks her every chance he gets. It’s bullying plain and simple.

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