Alan Dershowitz Destroys MSNBC’s Ari Melber on D.C. Grand Jury, Questioning if He’s “Accepted Money” from Trump – Video 8/7/17

I tell you, out of all this Russia Witch Hunt by the Left to destroy Donald Trump has come the fact that famous Law Professor Alan Dershowitz is a truly great man. A man of real integrity.

Here he is just destroying MSNBC’s Ari Melber last night as Melber tried to argue with him over his obvious assertion that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller has convened a Grand Jury in Washington D.C. because he knows it would not be sympathetic to Donald Trump. D.C. voted less than 5% for Trump. Liberals have tried to make that a “racist” or controversial statement, yet we know Dershowitz is exactly right. If any Trump Associates are eventually indicted and face trial in D.C. – there’s no way they will get a fair trial. Dershowitz knows that and so do we.

Dershowitz really pushed back when Melber asked if he has “accepted any money” from Donald Trump! The Left can’t stand it that a liberal Law Professor is calling them out for their witch hunt against Trump!

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