Reality Check – CNN’s Own Video Headline: “Trump Condemns Charlottesville Attack” – Video 8/14/17

I post this CNN Video because it is instructive as to the amount of outright lying going on by the media, the Left, and by some Republicans right now. President Trump is being relentlessly attacked for having not repudiated or condemned the White Supremacist violence at the Charlottesville riot on Saturday. That is utterly false. CNN’s own video headline says he DID CONDEMN the attack. Trump has condemned the White Supremacists, the KKK, the Neo-Nazis on three different occasions since Saturday. He condemned all the “hatred, bigotry and violence” on Saturday – which would include those groups. He called them by name in condemning them on both Monday and Tuesday.

Despite this, useful idiot Republicans like John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney and others act like Trump has not condemned them. They are in such a hurry to please the media and the Left they have deliberately ignored the truth. It’s shameful. They seek to use this for their own political advantage.

The White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis are despicable and should be condemned. However, Donald Trump also has the courage to point out the violence on the Left, and for daring to do that, he is being attacked. Just look at the video above and be reminded that CNN’s own headline on their video is: “Trump Condemns Charlottesville Attack.”

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