President Trump Outlines Strategy for Victory in Afghanistan; Won’t Tell Enemy what is Coming – Complete Video 8/21/17

Here is video of President Donald Trump speaking outlining his decision on the War in Afghanistan before a military audience at Fort Meyer in Virginia. Trump said the United States will continue to fight the Taliban, ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan to prevent them from using the country as a terrorist beachhead. Trump said he will not say how many additional troops will be sent there because he won’t tell the enemy what he is going to do – the way Obama did. Instead, Trump said the number of troops and the length of the conflict will be determined by “conditions on the ground.”

There is no good answer to Afghanistan. If we pull out entirely, you give the country to ISIS and the Taliban the way Obama gave Iraq to ISIS in 2011. But staying means protracted suffering and death for our soldiers put in harm’s way. Trump appears to be trying to stay but ramp up the aggressiveness of the strategy to change the outcome. Hopefully, it will work.

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