President Trump Hammers Leftist Media at Epic Phoenix Rally; Hints at Pardon for Sheriff Joe – Complete Video 8/22/17

Here is complete video of President Donald Trump’s epic rally in Phoenix, Arizona where he hammered the “very dishonest” Fake News media and hinted very strongly he intends to pardon Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

Trump was in classic form, going after the Leftist Media that has lied about his Charlottesville remarks and twisted his words ad nauseum. He declared he would not stop fighting for his agenda no matter what. Trump said Sheriff Joe has nothing to worry about, although he said he would “not announce it tonight” so as to not be “controversial!”

This is the Trump that won the Presidency with rally after rally just like this. The media hates him, the Establishment GOP thinks he’s crazy, but he connects with the American People who have been left behind and disparaged by the elites. He needs to keep doing these rallies as often as possible. He needs to break news at the rallies to force the dishonest Leftist Media to cover the rallies. It’s a winning formula.

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